Semantic Satiation / by Rebecca Gitomer

Semantic satiation. I think it’s come to that. And I’m not talking about the boys and their antics of sanitation if you thought I misspoke.


All day they whisper to themselves ranch ranch ranch.


They’ve practically given themselves turrets with their fucking words.


The definition for ‘ranch’ has become so twisted it’s turned into numerous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of homonyms. I can appreciate some word play. I’m fun.


But this is just some nonsense.


If you overuse a word, it starts to embrace so many meanings, it loses any it had to begin with. The act of interjecting the word becomes the primary purpose and the meaning falls secondary at best. Much like a pimp calling everyone baby


Honestly, in life, I have not observed this to happen too frequently. At least not at the level to which I am referring.


It is only when you gather a huddle o’ bros and get them to live together within close confines wherein they spend most of their free time getting so fucked up they never want to leave, that they become true linguists.


Wait... linguists? Don’t you mean idiots?


Don’t worry, I have a plan.