Overcoming Outsider Status / by Rebecca Gitomer

Overcoming outsider status, the inside begins to make a lot more sense.


The furniture is both irrelevant and essential to the boys and their visitors; it represents their minimal care towards aesthetic and reinforces their recognition of the balance between not caring at all and supporting the persistence of the Game. Without at least some excuse for seating framework, routine hang out sessions would be compromised, not to mention there would be a shortage of places for boys to pass out when the night becomes unmanageably turned up. Sometimes [1] just the thought of returning to their bed a mere 10 feet away proves too challenging. Do not be fooled by the boys’ addiction to working out and their far from modest comments directed at their muscle growths. Their physical stamina becomes irrelevant during their ventures home returning from a night out when they find themselves stumbling into 1E, only to ingest an unknown quantity further and consequently allow their intoxication to do the talking. The boys are unmistakably self-proclaimed and proven savages.


In the bathroom, Natty Lite, the beer everyone ‘loves’, but only says they ‘love’ out of unshakeable frugality, can be found lining the sink alongside the toothbrushes. It is not there in the boys’ attempts at being ironic; they are not that clever. It is there out of laziness – a forgotten can amidst the perpetual haze. Its unintentional decorative addition representative of a part of the boys and their routine, a reminder to all of their constant dedication to the Game, even when you are taking a shit.


[1] Most times.